About Heartstone

It has long been my dream to write a story which would be read by more than just my close friends and family members. Heartstone is the beginning of that dream.

Heartstone is my very first blog story, shared with anyone and everyone who would like to read my writing. While I know that a blog is not a traditional format for a chapter book and many people can be overwhelmed by a solid block of text on a screen, I have taken it upon myself to write 500ish words for each “installment” of Heartstone to help break up the text and give my readers a story which does not need a TL;DR at the beginning of each page. I am hoping that by doing this, I can keep my readers interested, but also not force them to read for hours trying to keep up with a story that posts at random times during the week.

Also, as I write Heartstone, I am limiting myself to only one whiteboard for notes. This may seem strange to some who enjoy plotting out entire stories before even writing a word. Yet for me, too much planning kills my joy in writing and makes me feel trapped in an uncreative box unable to escape. So, in order to write the best I can, I have limited my planning and allowed myself to just create as I work on Heartstone.

This may mean that some of Heartstone’s installments may feel a bit disjointed or flow at different speeds, but it is my goal to make them as seamless as possible while still providing an interesting story.

If you have any questions you would like to ask about Heartstone’s creation, story, or of me, you can visit my contact tab and get in contact me there.

Thank you for reading Heartstone and for visiting my blog!



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