Nonsensical Poetry #1

WordPress finally updated so I can put my free form poetry up without the form being messed with! Here is what I like to call, “Nonsensical Poetry.” All of the poems have “meaning”, some are just deeper than others. It is up to you to discover what each poem uncovers.


Burning upon the outside

While mountains carried the cry;

The north wind in all its fear

Listened to the last birds tear.

              Alone and lost the evening surmounted

              But left behind a moments counted.

              Until the last and lost are found

              The quiet moment is around.

In all the mixture of heaven and earth

Was lost inside one lonely birth

A spark; a sigh

The last of them try

                             But all is gone

                                           All went along

                                                          With the evening song.


Tomorrow came but went alone

To the breaking of the dawn

The last of them saw the mind

But left one precious sign

“Who” called the only one

“When” called another son

“The only” tried the saddened son

But no one knew of their tongue

              “Alone?” Called a whisper

“Together” named the listener

              “Tomorrow” an old voice grumbled

“To narrow” another one squeaked

              Empty are the cobble streets

For tomorrow came and went alone

But dawn left a solemn undertone.


“Command” they cried

              But the night and dragon never knew why

“Summer” will fall within the next year

And the people will quell all their fears.

“Rabid” named the fly

              No matter how hard he tried

The flowers bloomed and trees waved goodbye

              Yet not the night

Nor the dragon’s sigh

Dawn arrived, to seize the night

              “Tomorrow we must fight”

Dragon claws and teeth clamped

              The Dawn quickly dismantled the camp

“Torn” night scampered away





The sun

              The center and winter had too much fun

But coldness is boldness when you are the sun

For a warning of red

A blaze of light

              The winter’s long lost bird took flight

“To be free”

              “To be me”

                             The sun motioned with the strength

Of all the seasons and their paints

              “Away” Creatures cried

The sun then hid its eyes

              The nameless experience of missing sun

Laid itself away; to cast its own power astray

              Until the cycle has become complete

The sun and nameless shall compete.


Could you?

              On the eve of all that is

Move the mind

              To be




Could you?

              Determine all in everything

Along with every nothing?




Make a soul move

              Make a dream prove

                             Make a deep singer brood

Could you?

              Do you?



              They do

And move


But here

              And over there

Could have just been nowhere

              Anything could be

With an alphabetical sea

              Not much

Too much

              The possibility of the deep deep, deep

Or skim? To remember when

A memory

              Ah yes


              They smooth

The movement of something giant


              And quiet

Like snowfall

              Like rain

                             Like drums

                                           Like pain


              They will exist


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  1. This is so incredible!!

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